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Thursday, January 13, 2005

Chew, Man Utd, chew on!

Alex Ferguson: the guy chews! A lot.

In East Africa, the brands of chewing gum that have a good following have for a long time been Orbit and Big G. Recently, i was in a bar watching football on cable TV when someone shouted out "Sir Orbit!" on seeing Alex Ferguson's face on the screen.

Honestly, the man chews. The legendary Man-U boss chews like a ruminant, say a goat, on its cud. If a measure of chewing is not yet available, we have one now. How much chewing gum can one chew between 90 and 93 minutes? Two fergusons. The first ferguson in the first 45 minutes and the second in the second 45 minutes, plus injury time of course.

Speculation is rife about what he actually chews on. Kenyans and Somalis think he chews on a euphoric stimulant such as catha edulis (khat); others including Ugandans, say he chews on drugged gum, rubber bands, or a black magic rubber for winning his game.

Whatever Sir Alex Ferguson chews on, he has left a great legacy in European football; he has grubbed an inumerable following around the world; he has developed extremely strong jaws; and has now provided a basis for quantifying chewing.

Friday, January 07, 2005

holding out

Been too, er, busy to post anything - the combination of Christmas and the New Year holiday season, you know.

But i somehow found time to blog-visit: