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Sunday, May 07, 2006

USTTI does a great job

As technology advances exponentially, telecommunications, just like any other discipline, increasingly gains advantages that makes life easier for mortals.

The rapid advance also means a growing need for continuous training to keep up with the pace of technology. Advanced training does not come cheap. Let alone the mere site visits to the premises of the first-fast-adopters of emerging technologies.

Just yesterday, I was among a group of trainees that visited the Innovation Center at AT&T in Washington, DC. This was an amazing experience. The sponsored courses offered by various companies and organisations through the United States Telecommunications Training Institute, USTTI are meant to bring together people from various countries working in the relevant fields.

The delivery of content, consultations, discussions, demonstrations and handouts was great - and of course the food was great too.

On the social side, the folks at USTTI and AT&T were just wonderful.

Tomorrow am flying out to San Jose, California for three more weeks of hands-on expert training at Cisco Systems. I hope to get a chance to benefit more in future too - especially on fibre-optics.

Thumbs up for USTTI and their various partners.