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Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Still running on IP? Yes!

Suddenly, i realized i have time to blog... again!

Around and about the end of the year 2016, we heard a lot said about Russians and computers and manipulation of stored data to the effect of a claim that the results of the voting were, in a way controlled and biased to the advantage of one candidate in the run for POTUS.

Just a few weeks ago, another election, in another country, Kenya, where i have interests, another claim was made to the effect that the results of the election were controlled by Americans in a way that the candidate of choice was favored by manipulating the data in the computers to reflect and maintain a consistent lead regardless of the votes being counted.

These are issues that can be worrying.

In both situations, there is still no proof to the claims. But suppose they were true? Suppose it happens in future - a world where we are heading to the IoT? In that world, GPS (Global Positioning System) and IP (Internet Protocol) are likely going to integrate way more than we have never imagined. Supposing the GPS device that helps me drive (easily anywhere i have never been) gets data that has been manipulated by haters?

Well, IP is taking center stage every day that passes. We will all be running on IP. Watch out!


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