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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Spoofed: almost perfect

Judging by what some folks demonstrated recently, the www can easily become a maze where ardent surfers and newbies would get lost - unknowingly.

Case at hand: imagine you opened your favourite internet browser, navigate the cursor to the address/location bar, grab the keyboard and type www.microsoft.com and hit the enter key. A page opens and you see what you can see on this link - www.cheshirewebmill.co.uk/microsoft/ ! Honestly, it might take you hours before you notice it is not a Microsoft website.

Yahoo! had the details about that spoofing here.

Tuesday, February 08, 2005

Boot Linux + Windows simultaneo...

No. Am not talking about dual booting.

Am saying you will be able to start your machine and load two operating systems (OS) at the same time - multiple booting. Then you can switch from one OS platform to another in just the same way you switch from one desktop application to another.

All that courtsey of engineers from IBM, Sony and Toshiba. They have built a microprocessor, code-named Cell, which has 10 times more power than today's PC processors. If Cell does not suffer what befell Transmeta's Crusoe, we are in for real big time computing.

See how technology has advanced? Wonderful! I can't wait to see this.

Saturday, February 05, 2005

Blade: Trinity, and CBS FM

Now, sometimes you enter a movie, watch it, try to figure out what tickled you most, then realise you would miss nothing if you had chosen not to watch it.

Ditto for Blade: Trinity. Having suffered the narrow escapes by my star, i thought the weapon that was going to be used to kill the vampires would be "impressive". No at all. Maybe i went in expecting too much!

And to kill off the aftermath of watching Blade, i went to surf www.cbsfmbuganda.com and guess what? That site is down. Can you imagine?