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Friday, February 24, 2006

Harlots and Hedonists

It is such pathetic reading. ET online reported that Lisa Marie Presley, daughter of Elvis Presley, has married for the fourth time.

The frequency, for such a harlot in a hedonistic world, is not a problem, but rather, the men involved. She got married to Michael Lockwood. The best man was Danny Keough. Danny is Lisa Marie's former husband and father of her two children!

And yet, Lisa Marie, Michael, and Danny, all work in the same place.

"Michael is the musical director, so he's like the boss of the band, Danny is the father of my children and we have this other dynamic," Lisa Marie says. "It's very complicated, yet it's very simple because they get along so well that it doesn't interfere with anything."

This "other dynamic"? Huh!

Thursday, February 02, 2006

Alito, Judges, Hijack The Law

Kansas City, Missouri, March 1989 - a pretty 15-year-old girl is waiting for a school bus. Two men approach her, grab her by force, take her somewhere, rape her and then stab her to death. That poor girl was Ann Harrison.

Washington February 2006 - New Supreme Court Justice Samuel Alito refuses, along with 5 other colleagues on the bench, to let the state of Missouri execute the convicted kidnapper, rapist, and murderer, on the flimsy claim that execution by lethal injection is cruel and unjust punishment.

Justice Alito, (I ask Alito because he made headlines news on this, being his first case vote) did that murderer ask Harrison how she prefered to be killed? Did he ask Harrison's family how best to kill their little helpless girl? Is death by stabbing uncruel?

The murderer has many supporters who are playing the race card - the girl was white, the killer was black. They claim blacks receive harsh punishments. Maybe. But this hapless girl's case should not be used to compound the sensitive race issue.

Honestly, justice is sought in order to bring closure. The Law in Missouri provides for that method of execution. It should be used. If it is cruel let them revise their Law. But before it is revised, it should be used as it is. Why hijack it, Justice Alito?

You can't go to Court with the Law you wish you had but with the Law you have.