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Saturday, January 02, 2010

Enough read! Enough said!

One of the biggest predictions for the year 2010 is that in the United Kingdom - and eventually in all Commonwealth countries such as Uganda - the English A-Level syllabus will be given a major shake-up soon, real soon.

Going out will be the likes of (everybody knows them) Shakespeare, the Brontes and Chaucer and coming in will be the complete works of N-Dubz, Tinchy Strider and Chipmunk.

A new dictionary based on text message speak will be used in schools, replacing the Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary; pupils will be examined on the contents of the new lexicon; research will be replaced by "googling". d nu Xam wl tst 2 c f ppl undRstNd d nu wA of cmunic8n. Xam rzlts wl b sms 2 yo fon. + certifcats uplod on Facebk. k ? nuf z!

Parents, if you do not like that yet, take your kids to school on the moon.

I almost forgot to wish you a: Hapi Nu Yr!


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