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Thursday, June 29, 2006

USTTI Class of May 2006

To all members of the USTTI Internet Series Class of May 2006 in San Jose, California, i wish to pass on this suggestion, following a request from Emmanuel in respect of opening a forum to keep in touch.

My first experience with forums is that they usually have a lifespan of a few months before they die. People suffer fatigue sooner than you can imagine. The active forums you see running endlessly are those which have a critical mass of members with issues to keep them engaged - constantly.

Secondly, maintaining the forum requires time and resources at a reliable site. There are some free sites but the tools are not as flexible as some users may want them to be. And of course, the requirement to register: passwords, usernames, codes, etc, make us mere mortals, so tired because we already have too many passwords and usernames to deal with in our cyber life.

USTTI has the tools already. See the following:-


If some alumni opens a forum or discussion, i will join it. Cheers!