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Friday, January 06, 2006

Robertson, Sharon, God and Israel

Once again, an ass-hole by the name of Pat Robertson, PhD, a Republican, founder and chairman of Christian Broadcasting Network, a televangelist, a pastor, born March 22, 1930 (he is not young), has puked shit on the world's video, audio and digital news channels. To mention one, CNN reported today that, according to Robertson, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon is now dying as a result of divine retribution for giving away the Gaza strip to the Palestinians.

Robertson is a senior-double-asshole wallowing in the deep shit of Christian fundamentalism. He is a "fundie" full of shit and everytime he speaks, shit flies out of his mouth. Just recently, in August, he called for the assassination of Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Thank God the fellow never managed to become president of the USA in 1988. From the way he talks, it is clear Robertson has the same idea of God as does Osama bin Laden - for both of them always portray killing as a very Godly act.

The world is increasingly facing a real danger from both Christian fundies and Islamic fundies. Their agenda seems to be faith-by-force-not-choice-or-reason.

Robertson was defended by his equally fundamentalist spokeswoman by a lame excuse that he is only quoting the Bible. Bible? My black ass! He can quote the Bible just like the Devil does, but most folks, like Robertson, quote the Bible for monetary and social gain and mileage.

Perhaps it is timely to point out that as a basis for faith in a single God who "created" the world and everything therein, it is not a credible book. Yet, everyone says it is an inspired book and therefore it is error-free.

So, taking it to be error-free, I will put it to Robertson and his ilk, that the Bible clearly says in the beginning, there was God and the giants. God did his stuff of creating Adam and Eve when the giants (Genesis 6:4) were already living on earth.

God did not create the giants. Who created the giants?
The giants did not create God. Who created God?

That means Robertson's God was not "totally" in charge. In fact, after Cain was condemned for killing his brother, he was afraid of getting killed, prompting God to put a mark on him (Genesis 4:15). Let me also mention that Cain took to himself a wife (Genesis 4:17) long before his parents copulated (Genesis 4:25) to get their third offspring. From that sequence of verses from the infallible scripture, it is clear that those who claim that he married one of his sisters are spreading incestuous heresy. I will also state that Cain was the first of the sons of God to take a wife from the daughters of men (Genesis 6:2).

Because God, according to the first book of the Bible, was not totally in charge, it means God is just one of the creations (both the visible and invisible) on the earth, which prompts me to advise Robertson and his fellow fundies to exercise restraint and tolerance. His faith, like all other faiths, is just another point of view - it is not an absolute.

Myth debunked!

May God be with all the sick, (like Ariel Sharon and Randy McCloy Jr.) the ill, the needy, the hurting, the hungry, the homeless, the orphaned, and the helpless creatures of the earth today.